At Valles Pack we have been dedicated to the manufacture of plastic containers for more than 30 years. We offer a wide range of standard products and provide our customers with customised product solutions. We provide integral solutions: Industrial design, manufacture and distribution.

Our philosophy is based on two premises: Speed. Thanks to our agile and flexible infrastructure we are able to respond in record time, and we also maintain our customer’s history in order to streamline future processes.

Additionally, we always seek the highest quality in all our products. Therefore, we posses ISO certifications, health certification, food compliance certificates and migration analysis.

Our speciality is single-use packaging for the food sector, designed to ensure food hygiene and consumer safety. Using the same quality protocols, we operate in other sectors such as cosmetics, perfumery, automotive, beverages, etc.

Hinged lids food containers

Wide range of tubs for food packaging and storage.

PET food containers

Ideal containers for packaging and storage of cold foods.


All types of trays for food, presentation of details and amenities, etc.


Products for packaging and presentation of food for catering and hospitality (HORECA).


Designed to cover cups and containers for the containment of both hot and cold liquids and foods.

Vacuum Packaging

Film with different standard measurements to facilitate vacuum packaging of cold products.

Would you like more information on our containers?

Contact us and explain what you need. We can help you through all phases of your project, both with standard and customised containers.



We respond quickly to any need or urgency.


All our manufactured products posses quality and health certifications required under EU regulations.


We individually monitor each project and customer.