Design and manufacture of customised containers

We provide solutions for your packaging needs with maximum efficiency and speed.

24 h

Contact: We’ll respond within 24 h.

2-3 days

Turnaround time for 3D prototypes.

4-5 days

Manufacture of prototype and testing samples.

1-4 weeks

Development of mould for final manufacture.

Each product is different.

Therefore, at Valles Pack we have a large assortment of machines and materials that enable us to manufacture solutions for any packaging need.

We manufacture hermetic, perforated, single or multi-layer, thermosetting containers with thicknesses ranging from 200 microns to 3.5 mm, from small containers to pieces of more than 90 cm.

Our manufactured products follow strict quality (ISO 9001: 2015) and environmental controls. We posses health certificates. We work with a wide range of materials such as PP, PET, PS, OPS, PVC, PET, PLA, including barrier materials.

We have a production capacity of more than 450 million units annually. The assortment of production machines that we have available enables us to flexibly manufacture product quantities adjusted to the demand.

We specialise in single use packaging for the food sector. We operate in a wide range of sectors, such as automotive, hardware, DIY, and cosmetics, among others.

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