30 years’ experience

We have extensive experience in the plastic packaging manufacturing sector.

Seriousness and efficiency

We comply with all technical specifications and individually monitor each project.

Quick processes

From the initial contact to moulding and final manufacture, we respond in record time.

Quality Certification

We posses ISO quality certifications as well as health and food compliance certificates.
Download “Quality policy, environment and occupational safety”.

Our plastic containers

01.Standard Containers

We offer a wide range of standard packaging for the food sector.

02.Customised Containers

We manufacture customised solutions for any sector and packaging need.

About Valles Pack

More than 30 years dedicated to the manufacture of plastic containers

Our philosophy has always been to offer the highest quality and the best service to all our customers. That’s why we individually monitor each project with exhaustive quality control during the development and manufacture of each package.

Our products are designed and used to guarantee hygiene, consumer safety and protection of public health, essentials for people’s current way of life.

Additionally, we provide quick turnaround for all projects: From the initial contact and meeting to the final moulding of the container we offer a turnaround time of 1 to 4 weeks, depending on the complexity of the container.

International service

We distribute throughout Spain, France, Italy, Morocco and Portugal.

Production capacity

We have more than 2,500 m2 dedicated to production.

Logistics network

Our logistics warehouse network enables us to provide faster turnaround times.

Experienced team

Our team is comprised of continuously trained personnel.


We respond quickly to any need or urgency.


All our manufactured products posses quality and health certifications required under EU regulations.


We individually monitor each project and customer.