Our trays are manufactured in PET and are used for both storage of cold foods as well presentation of non-food products.

It is a very flexible resistant material and able to withstand temperatures between -40ºC and 40ºC. It is manufactured in both standard and custom sizes, according to the specifications of each customer.

Reference Description Sleeve Pcs. Carton Pcs. Cartons Palet
BA-70 CRYSTALLINE PET TRAY (LOW) 180x130x25mm No sleeve 900 36
BA70ED CRYSTALLINE PET TRAY (HIGH) 180x130x50mm No sleeve 1760 16
BA-80 CRYSTALLINE PET TRAY (LOW) 222x134x28mm No sleeve 1050 24
BA-85 CRYSTALLINE PET TRAY (LOW) 220X170X30mm No sleeve 600 25
BA-89 BANDEJA CRISTALINA (HIGH, WITH OUT LID) 246x180x44 mm No sleeve 800 20
BA-90 CRYSTALLINE PET TRAY (LOW) 246x180x25 mm No sleeve 800 20
BA-100 CRYSTALLINE PET TRAY (LOW) 270X130X25mm No sleeve 600 20
BA-118 ED CRYSTALLINE PET TRAY (HIGH) 265 x 190 x 50mm No sleeve 500 16


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